Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jemison Visiting Professorship is just around the corner!

Get ready to see Professor Francis de Waal talk about empathy, fairness and prosocial primates.
The theme of this Jemison Visiting Professorship lecture is "Morality Before Religion" and it is presented by the College of Arts and Sciences the Department of History and Anthropology at UAB. Dr. de Waal teaches primate behavior at Emory University.
The speech will take place at the UAB Alumni House on April 11, 2012, at 4pm.

In case you missed

ANTHRO-TEACH hosted the 47th annual meeting of the Southern Anthropological Society here in Birmingham on March 15-17th. The theme was “Peace, Justice, and the Environment from an Anthropological Perspective.”

Photo by David M Johnson

More than 150 presenters, along with others who attended as observers were welcomed.

Photo by David M Johnson

Photo by AnthroTeach

This was an opportunity for southern anthropologists to share the ongoing and completed research projects with others with similar interests. It was also an excellent opportunity for students of anthropology to gain some more exposure to professional presentations and different anthropological and interdisciplinary perspectives. The original research projects covered an array of anthropology related topics.
However, the highlight of the conference was the keynote speech given by Dr. Beth Conklin of Vanderbilt University on Friday. She spoke on the topic of “Cultivating Politics of Possibility: Changing Climates for Southern Anthropology.”
The conference was a success overall and it was the pleasure of ANTHRO-TEACH to present this venue for the sharing of ideas and research, and to promote further dialogues about the importance of peace, justice, and ecology within the discipline of anthropology.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

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