Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Valley

Anthro- Teach students Anna McCown, Ashley Wilson, Chauntelle Sharp, Christel Carlisle, Jake Delisle, and Lindsay Whiteaker prepared presentations about Native American culture for the students of Spring Valley School.

This is a map that was created by Anna and Jake, which displays Native American territories of the U.S.

Here is Chauntelle teaching the young students about traditional Native American music and dance.
The students are following Chauntelle in the performing the "snake dance".

The children got a chance to do some hands on archaeology with the dig boxes. It became a race to see who could find the artifacts the fastest!

Jake is explaining to the children the different types of artifacts that have been found at Native American sites and what has and can be learned from them.

Christel is telling the story of the three sisters, as a demonstration how oral traditions are passed down and as an explanation of staples of the Native American diet. While listening to the story. They got to sample the three sisters in the form of cornbread made from cornmeal, bean flour, and squash.

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