Friday, April 15, 2011


At the Southern Anthropological society's annual meeting in Richmond, Virginia some of UAB' s anthropology students, as well as Dr. Cormier presented research projects that they have been working on.

Lindsay Whiteaker presented findings from an ethnographic fieldschool in Fiji where she examined the deeper meanings of artwork created by the local children.

Dr. Cormier Presented a poster about obseity and body image within Fiijian society.

Chauntelle Sharp presented a poster about the syncrenicity of traditional Native American music

Mallory Messersmith presented a paper about archaeology in Fiji, where she has been examining ritual

Ashley Wilson presented a paper about Fijian food preference.

Anna McCown presented information about an ongoing study of fijian garbology as a study of the material culture of Fiji.

Jake presented information about on ongoing study of the lithic collection at the McWane Center.

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