Thursday, January 26, 2012

On Thursday January 19, 2012, Anthro-TEACH gave a presentation about Native American culture for Boy Scout Pack 397 of Homewood, AL at the Trinity United Methodist Church. The student presenters were Christel Carlisle, Jade Delisle, Alea Rouse. The overall presentation showed the children how Native Americans utilized their natural environment. They covered the topics of lithics (stone tools) and music and dance.
The explanations of stone tools included how they were constructed and used. There were plenty of examples presented for the troops to gain greater perspectives of how they were utilized by prehistoric Native Americans.
The scouts were very enthusiastic participants in demonstrations of traditional Native American music and dance. The music and dances that were demonstrated were from more contemporary times, but they allowed the younger audiences to see how Native Americans incorporated nature into their traditions.
Due to time constraints the all of the questions could not be answered, but the Anthro-TEACH team was very impressed by this pack's interest in these topics. We greatly appreciate the enthusiasm of the scouts and we hope that they were able take away valuable information and are further encouraged to pursue anthropological cultural explorations.

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